by Theresa

Many people have been searching for their one true soulmate without realizing we have lots of them. We have various types of soulmates such as karmic soulmates, primary soulmates, false twins, and a twin soul. We also have soul families which some people call soul clusters or soul groups. I will be discussing the various types of soulmates in this article.

First we come to karmic soulmates with whom you would think we would have a lovely time given the term " karmic." It sounds as though we have been with these people a very long time. Yes, some of us older souls have been with our karmic soulmates for quite some time. Karmic soulmates will either strongly attract or repel each other, because they have issues to work out. A karmic soulmate can be anybody such as a parent, co-worker, boss, or even a lover. You may be so strongly attracted to someone and don't know why. You think you are deeply in love, and this person may feel the same way about you. But the two of you discover you really don't get along at all. Your communication is off, and you bicker quite a bit. One or the both of you may hurt each other a lot and may continue to do so. Despite all this, you find it just about impossible to leave this person. The attraction is just too strong no matter what the two of you are doing to each other. This strange attraction will be alive until one or the both of you is aware you have deeply rooted issues from past lives. It will remain with you until one or the both of you let go and unconditionally love. Once you have learned your lessons from each other, you may decide to go on your way. Many times once we have learned our lessons from these people, they will no longer be part of our lives. We can wish them love and happiness from a distance. I mentioned some karmic soulmates repel us. They just get on our nerves no matter what they do. And some of them are downright cruel to us. You may find yourself in a position in which you cannot just easily avoid a karmic soulmate. My mother, for instance, is one of my karmic soulmates. She partially abandoned me and my brother when I was eight-years-old. She hurt me and the family to the point of making me very sick with anger and resentment. My mother and I were true karmic soulmates. I put it in the past tense, because I was able to let go and wish her love and happinesss from a distance. My soul has learned its lessons from her. I know this is so hard to do when you are in the midst of a similar relationship. Do whatever you can to remove yourself from the situation so you can begin to heal. Let yourself feel the anger, because you do not heal by not letting yourself feel these emotions. Vent them out in a positive way by writing how you feel or yelling and screaming in your home when nobody is there. Release it in such forms as sport and dance. Dance a dance of passion, whack that ball as hard as you can, or run as fast as you can. Get that anger out so you can go on to letting go.

Now that we have left our karmic soulmates we come to our primary soulmates. These are the people with whom we feel very comfortable and with good reason. We can relax with these people and not be afraid of being judged. It just feels so good to be around them. Just like karmic soulmates, a primary soulmate can be anybody. Actually, this is true for all classifications of soulmates. Primary soulmates are part of our soul family. When our souls are created, they become part of a soul family. Many souls are created at the same time. Not all souls will go to the same family just as not all humans born belong to the same Earthly family. You know the term " as above so below. " Well, soul families have soul elders to look out for them and guide them just as Earthly children have families to do that for them. Elder primary soulmates will be there to support and teach the new souls. If an elder primary soulmate has had any incarnations on Earth, that soulmate can be a guide from the Other Side to one who incarnates on Earth. You will probably find elder primary soulmates in your life in the form of those people who are very wise. Often, you will find yourself asking these people for advice, because they just seem to have the right answers for you. You will often find these elder primary soulmates may be chronologically younger than you, but so wise beyond their years. Naturally, there are elder primary soulmates of all ages. Just think about the wise elderly people you know or a friend who has given you lots of great advice. Of course, not all primary soulmates fit this category. There are those primary soulmates with whom you just love to be around. They feel so much like family. And they are. Sad to say, primary soulmates may not always stay in our lives. Circumstances may call one or the both of you away, because both of you need to go on your own to learn separate lessons.

There may be a person to whom you feel especially close and think is your twin soul. Although this person is most likely a close primary soulmate, he/she is not your twin soul. This person is known as a false twin which does not mean he/she deceives you. It just means he/she is not your real twin. The false twin has all the attributes of being part of your soul family, because he/she is just that. Think of this person as being a close and treasured soul family member.

Many people search very hard for what they think is a soulmate and is rather a twin soul. And there are people who know the basic meaning of twin soul so search for that one special person. And most likely the search will come to no avail, because twin soul meetings usually happen naturally. It should be kept in mind that twin souls do not always incarnate into the same life time, and even when they do they may not meet each other. Often, twin souls come into each othes lives for a period of time then leave. They are to learn lessons separately then on the Other Side they come together to share the knowledge they have gained. Very often the twin souls may not be able to have an intimate relationship due to many factors such as a twin soul being an Earthly family member or being part of a committed relationship. You and your twin soul can have any kind of Earthly relationship including, for example, parent, sibling, dear close friend, spouse, lover, aunt, uncle, aunt, cousin and so on. Here is something to keep in mind.You have many soulmates, but you have only one twin soul. It is also important to remember, as shown above, not all twin souls are romantically linked. I have seen so many people make this mistake. They are convinced that the one with whom they are infatuated is the twin soul, and they wonder why that person has no interest in them. Infatuation does not a twin soul make. I say all this, because I have seen these people so wrought with sadness and frustration. Now having said all that, there are wonderfully romantic twin soul relationships. These relationships are not just about romantic love; they are also about unconditional love. These relationships are the best of all possible worlds, because in them you have someone with whom you can be your true self and be part of a romantic relationship. Speaking about romantic involvement, very often twin souls will be in a committed relationship before meeting each other. It is never wise to leave someone for the twin soul, because it will cause all sorts of problems for the soul. It will be even harder for the both of you to come together in a future life time. Of course, it is very understandable for you to leave a very unhappy relationship. It should be noted that twin souls are the opposite gender due to the yin and yang of the twin soul bond. Each brings either a male or female energy. This factor is under a lot of controversy. I have often come across same-sex couples who insist they are twin souls. It is very likely they are close primary soulmates, but they are not twin souls. And that is just fine. What is important in any relationship is love and respect. Now what about people such as hermaphodites or transexuals? In the case of hermaphodites, the twin soul is either another hermaphodite or has not incarnated to Earth in this life time. It is most likely the later case. Whether or not two transexuals are twin souls depends upn the circumstances. When someone is truly born into the wrong body that person is the gender he/she was meant to be. When that is the case for both transexuals, it may be a twin soul relationship given the factors I will mention below.

Most often twin souls will recognize each other when they first meet. It may be a soul recognition in that the two people do not know how they know each other. The twin soul may just have that very familiar look so that you are wondering how you know this person. Yes, many people you meet will have a familiarity about them, but it is even stronger with twin souls. On the other hand, many twin souls recognize each other as such from the very beginning. And there are times one or both twin souls physically ignore the soul recognition. It may be that one or both of them do not even believe in twin souls. Sometimes it just takes time for the twin souls to know who they are. Twin souls may be very much alike or opposites, mirror images of each other. Twin souls who are opposites will mirror each other in looks such as one being blonde and the other one having darker looks. They may very well have opposite views on most things and follow different spiritual paths. Twin souls who are opposites will most likely complement each other. Even when they are not part of the same Earthly family, twin souls who are alike may look like each other to the point of people thinking they are brother and sister. They most likely will think the same way about a lot of things such as music, literature, films, and so on. They will especially be close in their spiritual views. Whether the twin souls are alike or opposites, they will undergo many synchronocities in their lives. There is very often telepathic communication between them which continues even when one of them has passed to the Other Side while the other one remains on this side. The twin soul bond is a very special one, one which cannot be broken by any means. Some people think you can do a cord cutting to sever the bond. You cannot do this! Twin souls have a unique spiritually eternal bond. A bond which should be honored by each soul.